Monday, August 29, 2011

My Story About Cyber Bullying

  There is many types of bullying such as verbal, physical, mental , and cyber bullying. One of the most dangerous is cyber bullying here is an example of what might happen if you cyber bully someone.

     Once there was two friends named Kathy and Suzanne. They were both new students, they wanted to be popular like the other people. So one day one of the popular girls asked Kathy if she wanted to join their  group and she said yes. After that day she did not talk to Suzanne but, Suzanne had given Kathy her password for her email. One day Kathy gave the girls Suzannes password and they started to post bad and mean things on her email. They would post nude pictures of other girls but they would put pictures of her face, so that other people could think it was her body. At school they would push her in the hallways and make fun of her. So one day Kathy told her that she was going to get beat up. The following week Suzanne didn't return to school or home, they kept looking for her until one day they found her in a ditch but she was already dead. Since that day kathy felt bad because she knew that she caused that to happen by the way they were acting wtih her, or the way they were treating her. She even got out of the populars group.

Thats why you should never bully someone in any way either if its cyber, mental ,physical etc. You never know what you or anybody can cause.

This story was inspired by some videos that we saw in school you can go to so you can watch some of the videos.

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