Friday, November 11, 2011

Commenting on Highschoolers Blogs

Hi Grace,
My name is Karla I go to Noel Elementary and I am in 8th grade.I liked your reflection!. This is a very good example on how I would want to write my reflections. I also agree with Mike this can lead you to some paths and yes you can also get confused. I loved it well I would more than happy to read another story of yours!. Keep up the hard work!:)

Hello Grace,
   You did a really good job on the post. I'm guessing that this is a really hard project. Time IS in our hands because if time wasn't on track then most of the people would get really confused on what they are doing. Thank you for sharing the blog post!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Commenting On Blogs

-Wow!.. I like your story. How can you remember all of your dreams??. You have very interesting stories, keep up the hard work.

-This is a very good story!..I would be scared to!. I am very curious to read the rest of your story!:)

-It sounds like you had a very interesting summer. I've never gone fishing but I would like to go someday. Keep up the hard work and I would like to read more of your stories!

-Your summer sounds fun. I like how you had a lot of detail in it!. You should write more stories.

Friday, October 21, 2011

My Story

Sergio, Cesar, Yengshi and Alex

One day there was four boys named Sergio, Cesar, Yengshi and Alex. It was Halloween night and Alex yelled out to them "Let's go to a Haunted house!!". And they all agreed to go. So when they got their they were a little bit scared but they got over it. Yengshi and Alex went in first while Cesar and Sergio and waited outside. The two boys that were waiting outside starting laughing because they heard the other boys screaming. When It was their turn Cesar was scared and Sergio told him "Common man stop being a little baby Its not that scary!" and Cesar told him "Man I ain't scared im just cold". "Yea whatever common hurry up or were going to get left behind". At the end of the trail all the people that went in came out but the only ones that didn't come out were Cesar and Sergio. Then Yengshi said "Hey Alex wheres Cesar and Sergio" "I don't know man they were suppose to come out with everybody else", said Alex. So they went to tell the security guys and they said "We don't know boys everybody that went in came out all together maybe they are pulling tricks on you guys!". "No I don't think so cause they would of already came out minutes age",said Yengshi. "Yea I agree" said Alex. The next day the two boys went to investigate and see where Cesar and Sergio went. They never found them again. They were guessing that they were dead because they never found their bodies.              
                                   (Three Months Later)

Haunted House
      It was three months later and they still couldn't find them so they decided to go look for them one more time. They looked for them but they still couldn't find them . The next day they went out to look for them again and while they were in the car they saw two boys walking down the street so they decided to see if they were Cesar and Sergio. When they turned around to check they noticed that it was them so they hurried up and told them to get in the car. When they got home Yengshi said "Where were you guys its been three months and you guys were disappeared!". "We were kidnapped by two guys", said Sergio. "To be honest I was really scared!!", said Cesar. "Oh well did you guys get to see their faces?", asked Alex. "Nahh we didn't have time it happened to fast", they replied. Oh well as long as your good everything will be ok , the others replied.  Well we have to investigate to see who it might of been. So they all agreed to go report it to the polices. The cops asked them how long has it been since its happened and they replied saying "Its been three months already". The officers replied and said "Sorry kiddos but its already been a long time and the guys who kidnapped you guys might of already left the city, but well try to do something". "Okay but if you find out about something give us a call", they replied. Ever since then nobody knew about anything so they just forgot about everything. 

                                        THE END!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Why I Write

I write so I can entertain people with my stories. When I write it makes me feel better because I write down what I have on my mind.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Setting and Mood

As I was dashing through the woods suddenly I approached the end of the path. I looked up and saw crows flying in the air as strange whispers filled my ears. I came across a gray cabin. The cabin looked freaky and frightening.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Science Lesson

1. I am teaching my classmates what Absolute Age is and how it relates to Relative Age and Law of Superposition.

2. I found the information in my science book and some on the internet.

3.The activity I am having the class do is compare a picture of Obama and Abraham Lincoln and see if somewhere in there one of the students tells me something about their age.

4. The vocabulary I had them write down was Absolute Age and that was about it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Bean Project

2.Background Knowledge

Will the bean grow better with salt water or regular water?

Background Knowledge
I known that water will give the plant more strength but the salt water wont give it as much strength as the water will.

I predict that the water will make the bean plant grow better.

  • Two pinto beans
  • 2 paper cups (2oz.)
  • Graduated cylinder (10ml)
  • Soil 
  • Ruler 
  • Paper towel
  • Paper
  • Pencil

  1. Gather materials
  2. Put jacket on
  3. Put safety goggles on
  4. Get two cups
  5. Label one cups 
  6. Put soil in both cups
  7. Weigh the cups (make sure they weigh the same)
  8. Get two beans
  9. Weigh the beans
  10. Record data
  11. Put  1 bean in a cup
  12. Weigh the cups again 
  13. Record your data once again
  14. Get two more cups
  15. Put water 1/2 way into both cups
  16. Add 5km of salt into 1 cup
  17. Weigh the cups
  18. Make the cups weigh the same
  19. Then record your data again
  20. Pour regular water into the the cup that is not labeled
  21. Pour salt water into cup labeled salt water
  22. Write your hypothesis

Collect Data
Turned it in.

The salt water plant died. They regular water plant sprouted a little bit.

Questions to Extend
What would have happened if i used sugared water instead of salt water?

What would have happened if i watered the plant less?